Dalen Bird X Protective Mesh Netting

Dalen Bird-X – Protective Netting – 7ft x 20ft – 5/8in Mesh


Keep Birds and Pests Away from Your Garden – Non Toxic – Made in The USA

  • Dalen A MUST HAVE FOR YOUR GARDEN: Tired of not being able to enjoy your delicious berries, fruit, or veggies because birds or garden pests got to them before you even had the chance to have a taste? The Gardeneer by Dalen bird netting is the perfect non-toxic solution.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY MESH: This durable plastic garden netting is proudly made in the USA with premium quality, heavy duty 3/4″ polypropylene mesh with UV inhibitors, a unique material that is weatherproof, not easy to tear, and supported by our money back guarantee.
  • PROTECT YOUR CROPS: Keep pesky birds away without obscuring or blocking sunlight. Whether you are a professional gardener or simply enjoy growing your own organic fruits and veggies, this bird net is an excellent choice for safeguarding your garden bed, plants, berries, vines, crops or fruit trees.
  • HUMANE ALTERNATIVE: Unlike similar products on the market, our special bird netting is entirely harmless to birds, rabbits, squirrels, and other small animals. A safe and animal-friendly way of protecting your garden without harming wildlife.
  • EASY DIY INSTALLATION: The Gardeneer by Dalen garden netting is available in 5 different sizes according to your individual needs and features a user-friendly and flexible design that is easy to install without requiring expensive professional tools. Great pest control without having to manipulate metal wires that produce cuts and can corrode over time.


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